Conditions That Respond So You Can Get Your Life Back

Chronic pain, anxiety, depression, brain fog, memory issues, knee pain, disc problems, digestive problems, autoimmune conditions, ADD/ADHD, migraines, insomnia....just a few conditions that respond to my work.  See many more personal recommendations on Google, hereherehere and here. (click links to open new pages of at least 100+ more personal recommendations.)

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The 6 Zones

The 6 Zones are made up of the 6 major systems of the body:

Glandular Zone

Elimination Zone

Nervous System Zone

Digestive Zone

Muscle/Joint Zone

Circulatory Zone


The Zone Technique is an amazingly effective way to understand what's going on in the body, and then to balance the body.  We balance the Zones with a special instrument to gently stimulate specific spinal cord levels.  The process sends messages to the brain center that controls that particular Zone to balance that Zone. You will see immediate results after your first session; and when your Zones are balanced, your vibrant health can be restored.  Book My Call