Additional Health Building Services

Healthy cells respond faster.  Otherwise it's like your body is on strike.  We want to nourish the cells with deficient nutrients and remove further inflammation and toxicity.  Zone balancing can work even faster in this environment.

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Food Sensitivity Testing

Knowing what foods that cause inflammation for you is helpful when restoring your health.  Inflammation of the cells causes dysfunctions in the body.

True Cellular Detox

Hidden mold, bacteria, viruses and heavy metals destroy healthy cells.  Removing them is crucial for thinking well, moving well and overall vibrant health.  (We are not talking about a 2 week "pooper" where you just redistribute all the garbage in other places.)

The Cinderella System

If you don't feel well, have poor digestion or autoimmune issues, migraines, ADHD/ADD, anxiety, chronic pain or any other problems in your body, you have a lymphatic system problem.  You are living in a dirty aquarium.  This system has to function properly to feel good.  We know the secrets to getting it right.  Don't overlook it.


This is a standalone special program that our patients asked us for because so many were struggling with their weight.  Now there is no more chaos, overwhelm and stress.  We share what real foods to eat, how much and when.  We understand how the body functions and we know how to lose weight safely and fast.  Proven and effective to lose 20-35 pounds in 6 weeks.  Don't reinvent the wheel. (Btw, you will double your inch loss with our laser-lipo treatments too.)

But Can You Help Me?

At the end of the day, it's all about results.  In 20 years of studying healing systems from all over the world, I have never seen results like this.  Chances are, I can help you too and we'll know after the very first visit because that's how quickly changes are made. But you won't know until you take the next step.

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Next Steps...

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